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Cod. Guelf. 35 Helmst., fol. 128r, initial T.
Spotlight on Cod. Guelf. 35 Helmst.
The Herzog August Bibliothek’s Cod. Guelf. 35 Helmst. was the very first manuscript to be digitized for this project back in March 2019.
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Single-colour initial A, MS. Laud Misc. 144, fol. 26v.
Minimalist decoration in Cistercian manuscripts
What did twelfth-century monks have in common with twentieth-century artists? Monochrome art offers one connection between Cistercian monks and artists such as Kasimir Malevich or Yves Klein.
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Two words, 'Hinc iam', formed with birds. MS. Laud Misc. 126, fol. 87v.
Spotlight on MS. Laud Misc. 126
What do St Augustine (d. 430), Charlemagne (d. 814) and two Anglo-Saxon monks, Burchard (d. 753) and Alcuin (d. 804), have in common?
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