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Bodleian Library MS. Laud Lat. 102, fol. 12r
Insular script in a ninth-century German monastery
Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Laud Lat. 102, a Gospel book written in the early 800s, is one of the oldest manuscripts to be included in the Polonsky German project.
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Bodleian Library MS. Laud Lat. 92, fols. 20v
What's for dinner: giraffe or lynx?
Analysing glosses is like a treasure hunt, particularly when exploring vernacular languages. Glosses are words translating or explaining a main text, typically written in between lines or in the margins.
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Bodleian Library MS. Laud Lat. 117, fol. 17r
The importance of being (im)perfect
Close your eyes for a moment and picture a manuscript. Depending on your origin and background, this image will look quite different.
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Bodleian Library MS. Laud Misc. 562, fol. 1r
Blogging with medieval manuscripts
This article was first published on the Oxford Medieval Studies blog under the title Reaching out with Manuscripts What do you get when you put together an excited group of medieval manuscript specialists and ask them to discuss blogging and teaching with digitized manuscripts?
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Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, Cod. Guelf. 1.4 Aug. 2°, fol. 12r
Key Milestones and Approaching our Project Goal: A Mid-term Review on The Polonsky Foundation Digitisation Project
December 2018 marked the beginning of a collaborative project between the Herzog August Bibliothek (HAB) and the Bodleian Libraries. Funded by The Polonsky Foundation, the two institutions are in the process of digitizing several hundred medieval manuscripts from German monastic libraries.
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Cod. Guelf. 70 Weiss., fol. 1v, Evangelium nach Lukas mit Glossen
Handschriften aus dem Kloster Weißenburg/Wissembourg
Ausstellung der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel (16. Febr. – 1. Juni 2020) Unter dem Titel „Leuchtendes Wort. Sprechendes Bild“ zeigt die Herzog August Bibliothek ab dem 16.
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MS. Laud Lat. 27, fol. 2r
What Have We Digitized So Far?
It’s been a little over a year since we began project photography in earnest here at the Bodleian, and a little under a year since the first items went online.
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MS. Lat. liturg. f. 4, fol. 174v.
Medingen Manuscript Production in the Age of Monastic Reform (1479) and Lutheran Reformation (1524-1544): How the project contributes to understanding the genesis of the Oxford prayerbook MS. Lat. liturg. f. 4
Dating medieval manuscripts is a cumbersome business. If manuscripts do not contain a completion date, a researcher has to rely on (more or less) datable manuscript characteristics.
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MS. Don. e. 248 held open at fols. 20v-21r.
A first-hand encounter with MS. Don. e. 248
We’re delighted to be sharing a post from a sibling blog, History of the Book, written by participants in project advisor Henrike Lähnemann’s History of the Book method option at the University of Oxford.
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Cod. Guelf. 35 Helmst., fol. 128r, initial T.
Spotlight on Cod. Guelf. 35 Helmst.
The Herzog August Bibliothek’s Cod. Guelf. 35 Helmst. was the very first manuscript to be digitized for this project back in March 2019.
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